About me – Versatile multilingual graphic designer

Foto CV - RC (2021)

Let me introduce myself. My name is Roberto Carlos Vera, I am graphic designer, I was born in Switzerland and have been living there during 16 years before moving to Valladolid (Spain). The fact of have being born in Switzerland converted me in a billingual person. Therefore I speak two native languages, spanish and german. Aside this both languages, I have extended my language knowledge to english.

Software knowledge


Adobe Photoshop (Certified Expert)


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe InDesign


Adobe Premiere


Adobe After Effects




3D Max Studio


Cinema 4D


Adobe Lightroom


Microsoft Word

Knowledge and skills

  • Graphic design 100% 100%
  • Editorial design 100% 100%
  • Web design 90% 90%
  • Photography 90% 90%
  • Typography 80% 80%
  • Corporate identity 90% 90%
  • Branding 80% 80%
  • WordPress 90% 90%
  • HTML & HTML5 90% 90%
  • CSS & CSS3 90% 90%
  • LESS 90% 90%
  • PHP 80% 80%
  • Javascript 60% 60%
  • SQL 50% 50%
  • SEO 75% 75%
  • Marketing 70% 70%

Birth of my creative curiosity

My curiosity about the graphic composition began when I was 17 years old. I started discovering the Adobe Photoshop program and right then, I started to create my first photomontage. Over the time I realized I liked graphic composing and I decided that my professional future would point to graphic design.

Creative interest as graphic designer

As graphic designer I like to know about everything and be proficient, whether it is graphic design, web design, typograhpy, editorial design, photography, etc. I also like to take command in artistic projects of various categories, whether it is musical videos, short films, etc. And above all, I love to invent. Due to the fact of being interested in everything linked to creativity, I create very varying works.

Other facets

Besides my multilingual skills, I want to highlight other characteristics like organisation, ability to learn any computer program in a short time (because I have been working a lot of time with computers and I have studied the Upper Module Of Computer Application Developer) , handling graphic edition software as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign or DreamWeaver and 3D software as 3D Max Studio, AutoCad or Vue. In spite of everything, I think my biggest strength is the creation of creative ideas.

I am very lucky to have found my dream job, therefore does not matter for me to spend time in it and so I am in large part self-thaught.

The decision only belongs to you