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The other way


My philosophy as a versatile graphic designer certified expert in Adobe Photoshop CC is about being as professional as I can, working without fear, trying every ​ ​time new things and work as harder as I can to​ improve myself in order to offer better and better solutions to you.

Corporative identity - Solutions - Imagchine27

Corporative identity

Do you need to be different from the others as a company or freelance? You will have to turn into something unique and therefore you should try to walk the other way long. I invite you!

Branding - Solutions - Imagchine27


Your product will compete with a lot of others and if it is not capable to focus the attention of the buyer it will be forgotten. That is why you need to focus its identity in a radical different way. ¿Would you like to try it?


Lettering - Solutions - Imagchine27


When a letter, word or phrase turns into an image, then we are talking about letterings. Their uses are various but their most valued skill is the power of conferring an absolute unique value to your proposal.

Web design - Solutions - Imagchine27

Web design

Today the online presence through websites is absolutely fundamental to survive in the market. But to have a website is not enough, it should also be adapted to the different mobile devices and Internet browsers, be positioned properly, social linked, etc.

Editorial design - Solutions - Imagchine27

Editorial design

Nowadays you can print upon almost every material and there are several kind of inks, finishes and binding techniques, so you would be able to hold something in your hands to be proud of and to show off. The large variety of supports besides it is fundamental the quality of the final work and the existing options to save money in production. Can I help you?

Packaging - Solutions - Imagchine27


Do you imagine being able to sell an instant-recognizable product to your buyers? Therefore you have to offer a good product and in addition it needs to be recognized through its packaging, showing its personality and cast this kind of emotions you want the buyers transmit to, preventing it to stay hidden or transmitting something wrong. Do you?

Packaging - Solutions - Imagchine27

Textile printing design

The world of textile printing design is very large but the solutions I will be able to offer you are focus on textile printing designs for t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, etc.  You only need to tell me what I can do for you!

Computer graphics - Solutions - Imagchine27

Computer graphics

Imagine you need to communicate a very complex and hard to understand information which is also very tough to remember like list of numbers, measurements, statistics, etc. The most probable thing that would happen would be any person who reads this information to feel very overwhelmed by its complexity and to ignore it. And if I tell you this information could even entertain using the visual communication? Would you be interested?

Billboards - Solutions - Imagchine27


When your target group leaves its home, it will be constantly overwhelmed with all kind of information and will be very hard to surprise. The difference between someone who gets your announcement or not is being created by the visual communication. It is necessary to break your target group foreseeable machines to surprise them. Should we break them?

Music artworks - Solutions - Imagchine27

Music artworks

It exists very different ways of transforming your music product in something tangible and unique. My aim is offering you something different, something you can be proud of when you hold it in your hands by choosing the other way of making things.


There were some of a few solutions I can offer you. Just get in touch with me and explain what do you need!