Short film - Aquí y ahora

11. February 2014 |

Short film – Aquí y ahora

This short film was shooted at last January 2013 and was used as prelude to introduce the latest Badko album ‘Aquí y ahora’ which was released in November 2013. The short share title with the latest music album and its meaning is very metaphoric. ‘Aquí y ahora’ (Right here, right now) means living the moment, not get blocked in the past nor living in the future.

The video narrate a story who can be applied to everyone. It is composed by two acts. On the one hand, we can find the negative point of view (act I) and on the other hand, the positive (act II). Both pass similarly, but depending on the point of view the end is different. Telling a story this way pretend to define a key message.

The script was written by Badko and me. The art and creative direction of the short film was my job.


  • Badko: Daniel
  • Imagchine27: Roberto Carlos Ayala Vera
  • Elena: Elena González Gómez
  • Loco suicida (crazy suicide): Carlos Francisco Gangoso
  • Walker: Fernando Chacon
  • Record assistant: Francisco Cabero & Co.
  • Off-voice record studio: Kissmybeat