The portal - Imagina Civican 2014 contest proposal

The portal – Imagina Civican 2014 contest proposal

2. April 2014

It is about a proposal which was thought for the yearly Imagina Civican 2014 design contest created by the cultural center Civican from Pamplona (Spain). The target was to design a graphic for the cultural center main tarp cover.

Civican defines itself as a living, participative and intergenerational center, in which different cultural and social proposals converge.

Work’s explanation

“The portal” means a visual metaphor which compares the cultural center with a portal for cultural activities for people. Through this proposal I want to spread out the essence of the center (living, intergenerational, social, etc.) and to claim for the idea of people letting out the best of themselves and enjoying it. The squared shapes represent the center minimalist architecture.