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25. September 2023 |

Vanlife – A react router app with protected routes

Vanlife is a sample React web application that demonstrates the use of React Router and protected routes. This project serves as a starting point for building web applications with authentication and routing capabilities. In this app, we have implemented a basic structure with several key pages and features:

  • Home Page
  • Host Page (Protected Route) + Some protected subpages
  • About Page
  • Van List Page
  • Van Detail Page

Additionally, Vanlife includes a fake login mechanism to test the protected host route.


1. Home Page

The Home Page provides an introduction to the Vanlife app and its purpose.

2. Host Page (Protected Route)

  • The Host Page is a protected route that requires authentication. Users must log in to access this page. You can use the fake login mechanism provided in the app to test this feature.
  • Inside the host page there are some subpages such as dashboard, incomes, hosts vans and reviews.

3. About Page

The About Page offers information about the app’s creators and its mission.

4. Van List Page

The Van List Page displays a list of available vans. Users can click on a van to view more details.

5. Van Detail Page

The van detail page provides in-depth information about a selected van.

Some screenshots


Visit the app page to see how it works.


Discover the proyect on GitHub by clicking here.