Foto 1 - Versiones Asprona .50 (Book cover)

17. March 2013 |

Versiones Asprona .50 (Book cover)

I want to introduce to you the sleeve of the 50 year existence of Asprona commemorative book ‘Versiones Asprona .50’, presented on 7th February 2013 at the events hall of Caja España (Valladolid, Spain).

The book is a compilation of testimonies from Asprona families and contributors.

The design of the book shows us a ‘5’ inside an oval, which is in fact a zero. Together they shape number 50. Number 5 is composed by several images, which define the 50 year existence of Asprona.

The title is made up by 2 typographies (Ad Lib and Helvetica). My typograhpy choice wasn’t casual, it appeared from a previous research. For this project, I was looking for a more human-looking font and for another more formal. The Ad Lib font fit perfectly because of his hand-made features. The Helvetica font seemed to be very useful to transmit a formal sense due to its easy legibility and well-cared composition.

Videos about the book and the event