Aplicación web de lista de películas para ver

The Watchlist App is a handy application that allows users to search for films, create a watchlist, and manage their movie choices. With the ability to save and remove films from their watchlist, users can keep track of the movies they want to watch. The watchlist data is conveniently stored in local storage, ensuring that your movie choices are always just a click away.


  • Search for films to add to your watchlist.
  • Save films to your watchlist.
  • Remove films from your watchlist.
  • Watchlist data is stored in local storage for easy access.


Search film list

Screenshot - Film search

Watchlist with saved films

Screenshot - Saved film in the watchlist


Explore the Watchlist App by trying out the live demo.

How to Use

  1. Open the Watchlist App in your web browser.
  2. Use the search functionality to find films by title or keywords.
  3. Once the list is displayed, you can add films to your watchlist
  4. In the watchlist page, you can remove them whenever you want.

Your personalized film watchlist is just a few clicks away!


Discover the proyect on GitHub by clicking here.