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Logotype Creadores de la Memoria

Dec 2, 2012

Project details


At the moment of publishing the new album Creadores de la Memoria, this revolutionary rap band from Miranda de Ebro (Spain) was looking for a more serious logotype, because their old one was created provisionally.

To get a unique result, I decided to create a lettering just for the logo. This way, any typography could simulate it. After some experimients drawing sketches, I proceeded to its digitalisation.

Obviously, this logo had to reflect the ideas from their songs, in which they do a contemporary social behaviour critic with the purpose of provoking a change or revolution. While I was researching and trying out with the possible solutions, I came across the idea of the reversed social pyramid. I mean, the social pyrimid, where the ruling class stays at the top of the pyramid and the working class at the bottom.

Social pyramid - Logotype Creadores de la Memoria

During a revolution, the working class rebells against the ruling class and takes control of the situation by putting itself over them at the top of the pyramid.

Summing-up, I wanted to transmit the idea of a revolution, a concept which Creadores de la Memoria refers to many times in their songs.

At the end, the logotype was added to the ‘No podemos seguir así‘ (We can’t continue this way) artwork.


Sketches - Logotype Creadores de la Memoria