Cover - Artwork CD - Creadores de la Memoria - No podemos seguir así

Artwork CD – Creadores de la Memoria – No podemos seguir así

2. December 2012

This is the design of the new album of Creadores de la Memoria ‘No podemos seguir asi’ (We can’t continue this way). It is about a quite extense graphic work that contains photoshootings, craft techniques and postreatment for each graphic element of the design. The packaging’s format is a standard plastic trasparent sleeve (CD Jewel Box), although at the beginning, the idea was to use a digipack, but this option didn’t succeed because there was not enough money. The personal logotype, which was created in the previous part of this project, was added to the frontcover.

When I finished the corresponding part of the logotype from the project, I spent some days thinking about ideas and researching and then I came across the idea of the hand, whosa symbolism fits very well with the album title (We can’t continue this way). I mean, a hand in a ‘Stop!’ mode and whose message, joined to the album title, would form ‘Stop! We can’t continue this way!’

Step by step, I was developing the idea. Using the hand as the main element in the album, a curious way to introduce the band members ocurred to me. That is to say, showing the hands that holds photos of each member. Since there are 5 members, I used 5 hands and each of them holds the corresponding photo of the band member. This part can be found on the backcover of the booklet and can be seen at the left side if the sleeve opens.

To give continuity to the idea of the hand and keep this visual union on the album, another idea ocurred to me: To use hands for the album backcover. In this case, the hands position reminds us this gesture we did when we wanted to get the teacher’s attention at school and this wants to transmit the message ‘Hey! We want to say something!’. There was no better way to say it, because music albums are created to transmit a messages and to say things to the rest of the people. The fingers are pointing to the tracklist, giving the composition a piece of sense.

As far as the drawings and the text which appears on the front and backcover from the album are concerned, these have been created manually. This was possible because at this moment we are learning caligraphy at the degree. Otherwise, probably I would never have got the idea of using this tecnique for this album or how to use it. The caligraphic text (title and tracklist) has been subjected to a posttreatment to fix their possible failures. All the drawings of this design are linked with the band, their songs and their philosophy.