AZKA Complementos - Accessoires shop for women and men - Shop backlit sign

24. July 2016 |

AZKA Complementos – Accessoires shop for women and men

AZKA Complementos is a small shop from Aranda de Duero (Burgos, Spain) that mainly sells accessories for women but also for men. The target audience are people over 18 years. The shop opened the 1st December 2015 in Aranda de Duero in the street Santa Lucia nº 20.

“AZKA Complementos” project development

The development began with the brief and it was formalized with a counter-brief. When I received the brief, I got on with it and I started the research about corporate identity in the trend sector. I researched identities, corporate visual supports, shops, products, etc.

I got a clear conclusion from the research. The most used and best identity method in the trend sector was the logotype.

Once I finished the research, I started the development. AZKA Complementos main idea and concepts were elegance and trendiness. Despite of also selling products for men, the main target were women. This determined the development of the corporate identity. I was looking for transmit the elegance and trendiness added to the women fineness and sensuality.

I began making some type test with the word “AZKA”, then I made a selection of the best fitting examples and finally I sent them to the customer. The client chose curiously the type that was also my first option from this selection. I mean the “Ionic MT Studio” font.

I would like to say that my first thought was to design a handmade lettering, but because of having found a very interesting option at the type test, I discarded my first idea. Once the main typography was chosen, I continued testing the second part of the logotype and looked for the fit of the word “Complementos” in the logotype composition. The second type I selected was the “Raleway”.  Summing up, the logo was a combination of two different typographies. The customer was also in agreement with this combination, so I proceeded with the colour phase.

Regarding the colour, honestly I was trying to avoid stereotypes and I found a colour that fitted to the concepts of elegance, trendiness and those that refer to the women but without excluding the men.

Another thing that I was interested in was that the chosen colour had to transmit serenity. And which was the point? The answer was that the colour was going to be applied partially in the shop interior. Therefore, I wanted the chosen colour to transmit serenity to the target. The idea was, when someone would visit the shop, that person had to feel comfortable inside the room and this was possible thanks to this colour. It had an additional marketing aim. In particular, it was the increasing of the purchase probability of the visitor. The comfortable would feel the person in the shop, the higher the purchase probability would be.

For me, the most convicining colour was the blue turquoise. The colour means serenity, cleanliness, protection, etc.

I explained the above mention issues to the customer during the first meeting and she chose the Pantone 319C.

When the basic step of the creation of the corporate idenity was over, I looked for solutions for the at this moment required stationary. The models were labels, adhesive vinyl for showcase, the backlit sign for the shop, a flyer and digital images for social networks.